One patient says drug slows down the ‘constant, overwhelming bombardment of negative intrusive thoughts surging through your brain’


Ketamine can provide relief to patients with severe depression “where nothing has helped before”, researchers calling for a new approach to the drug’s medical use have said.

For six years, scientists from Oxford University have been using ketamine to treat more than 100 people with treatment-resistant depression.

They said patients who received a series of carefully administered intravenous infusions of the drug, followed by oral top-ups, showed sustained improvement in around 40 per cent of cases – a significant result when other antidepressants have failed.

“There are lots of people who are currently resistant to antidepressant drugs and psychotherapies,” consultant psychiatrist Rupert McShane told The Independent.

“We’d like to see some more centers developing expertise [about ketamine] and starting to use it.”

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