TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, non-drug therapy for patients with Major Depressive Disorders.  In our practice we use a highly advanced MagVita TMS therapy system that possesses unique attributes relative to other available products.  The market for TMS-based therapy has been growing, and the medical devices and accessories that are

used to administer the therapy are being adapted and improved to provide greater patient comfort and more accurate and effective treatments.

As noted in University of Florida research, TMS machines using arm attachments and coils that separate weight-bearing and positioning functions allows providers to administer therapy to patients in a variety of positions, with an attendant improvement in patient comfort and treatment accuracy.  MagVita TMS therapy equipment uses flexible arms with four degrees of freedom, along with patient-focused designs for the chair and vacuum pillow.

Choosing the Right TMS Equipment is Vital

For providers, the selection of equipment is paramount.  In our practice we use a MagVita therapy system, manufactured in Europe by a company dedicated to extremely high quality standards and integrating leading technology into its product offerings.  MagVita machines and accessories provide a comparative market advantage in three key areas:

Treatment chairs that adapt to patient differences in physiognomy

MagVita chairs provide four ranges of motion that permit control for height, tilt, footrest, and backrest.  The distinguishing feature of the chair is a specially designed neck rest with a vacuum pillow that provides optimal head support for patients.

Flexible arm attachments that allow for accurate placement for pulse delivery

The MagVita super-flexible arm is distinctive in that it has “tree” joints that allow for a wider range of motion that other machines.  The system is designed with two joints that have the capacity for movement in multiple directions paired with a single joint that rotates in a single plane of motion.  This pairing provides a very high degree of accuracy for TMS therapy administration.

Full range of coil designs for highly accurate dosing that improves treatment efficacy

With a wide range of coil options, TMS therapy applied with a MagVita system can target specific regions of the brain with a greater degree of accuracy than other systems.  Circular coils provide coverage for a larger area, while “butterfly” coils allow for positioning that focuses stimulation on the center spot between the two coils.  Special coils are also available as a system accessory for a custom-fitted system.  Complementing the diverse range of coils are custom fitted patient caps that can be marked to spot-detect targeted treatment areas.

With TMS-based therapy, the overall efficacy of treatments is dependent on providers being able to accurately target the location of pulses. For TMS and rTMS (repetitive TMS) therapies, it is vital to have equipment that provides stable positioning of the head, along with flexible equipment arms that provide a wide range of motion.  The MagVita Super Flexible Arm, vacuum pillow, and coil system are designed to work in concert to administer the most effective and cost-efficient TMS therapy in the market.

PASWFL &  The TMS Center of Southwest Florida is Proud to Offer Both TMS & TBS With Our On-Site MagVita TMS System