Let’s face it: we’re all stressed these days.

In fact, recent polls show just how stressed out Americans are over things like politics, work, finances … the list goes on and on.

It seems like we’ve adopted a new work culture where the 8-hour workday is a thing of the past. People are working 9 or 10-hour days, skipping vacation time, and slowly losing sight of priorities outside of work.

With jam-packed schedules and 24/7 connection through technology, it’s easy to understand why Americans are so stressed. The problem is that chronic stress can affect your mental and physical health.

So, how can you manage stress in today’s world where people wear stress like a badge of honor?

Understanding Stress

To start, it’s important to realize there are different types of stress in life. In many ways, stress can be a normal part of life. You might feel stressed about an upcoming deadline or major life event and that’s OK. Sometimes, this type of stress stems from excitement and anticipation and can even work as a motivator.

However, chronic stress is the type of stress that lingers even after the event or deadline passes. You might feel anxious and overwhelmed every day for reasons you can’t identify. This is the type of stress that can really take a toll on your overall health.

Physical & Mental Complications of Stress

When stress becomes too much, many aspects of your health and happiness can suffer. Chronic stress is a lingering sense of emotional pressure for long periods of time. It can make you feel like you have little or no control. This type of stress can cause a variety of mental and physical health problems or make existing conditions even worse.

Chronic stress is often associated with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes just to name a few. Stress can also trigger or worsen mental problems such as anxiety or depression.

Stress Management

Chronic stress, depression, and anxiety are conditions you shouldn’t handle alone. There are many ways we help treat these conditions at PASWFL to help our patients find healthy ways to alleviate stress and find restoration.

In many cases, chronic stress can signal deeper issues such as depression or anxiety. If you feel like stress controls your life and happiness, give our office a call today to learn more about innovative effective treatment options. 239-332-4700