In January of 2011 Dr. Bob Pollack opened his office at 6804 Porto Fino Circle, Suite 1 in Fort Myers Florida. He, along with Julie Kuhns, LCSW, began serving the people of Fort Myers. Dr. Pollack had a long career in Psychiatry with a multitude of accomplishments. His intent was to have a small, quiet practice and enjoy his relocation to the area. He was wrong.

Beginning in 2011 he introduced the following advanced psychiatric services which have grown in popularity tremendously:

• Genomic Testing
• Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
• Ketamine Infusions
• Theta Burst Stimulation

All of these innovations make use of more scientific knowledge and techniques to enhance the quality of the treatments that are offered to patients. With the addition of each new treatment, PASWFL has also had to make space for new equipment, new staff to operate the equipment and new patients who are interested in advanced psychiatric treatments. Since 2011 all of this has been conducted in the same 2000 square foot office space consisting of 4 offices and a waiting room. All of these treatments were administered in the office and all on an outpatient basis.

Evidently, PASWFL has grown significantly since 2011 and as this year moves to a close, the practice is expanding its accommodations that will be filled by more clinical and clerical people. The new office will have over twice the space: 4,000 square feet and will combine the existing office as well as an additional 2,000 square feet in the same building. Care will be provided by the appropriate level and skilled practioners with expertise in psychiatry, nursing, social work, and nutrition. Above mentioned testing will be performed by superbly trained clinical specialists and all are cross-trained. The Practice Manager oversees the financial and clinical management team.

In keeping up with the newer technologies PASWFL has invested in a new telecommunication system allowing easier access for the patients as well as enhancing the internal communication. The system also allows for HIPAA secure document transmittals and their own secure audio-visual conferencing system. The system is joined by an on-line patient portal that permits HIPAA secure clinical and administrative information entry. Allowing easier access to care in a secure manner is mission critical for good quality of care.

In years past, treatment was sought by a phone call to an office. An intake visit was then set up. At the time of the visit information was filled out by the prospective patient while the patient’s financial information was obtained. The clinical visit then took place where the foundation of information was obtained, a clinical record developed, and a diagnostic impression formulated. Old records may be requested to fill in the history. Many man-hours were used, and the solutions were then left to the clinician’s skills and experience.

Presently, PASWFL prospective patients are directed to our HIPAA compliant and encrypted website where they are safe to enter their history, clinical information and insurance data. An initial appointment is then set up with the appropriate clinician. Once evaluated in person, the following process takes place:

1. Genomic testing if medication difficulty is noted

2. If a diagnosis of Treatment Resistant Depression is made a QEEG is obtained complete with QEEG, P-300 and FDVEP

3. Any needed psychological or laboratory testing

4. Treatment options are reviewed:
a. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
b. Theta Burst Stimulation
c. iv Ketamine Infusion
d. Theta Burst Stimulation/iv Ketamine
(special case scenario)
e. Nutritional Counseling
f. CBT (therapy)
g. Psychopharmacology

5. All treatments are customized to the patient and all take place within the confines of our office.

The staff is bigger and better than before. They are:
1. Robert Pollack, MD-Board Certified Psychiatrist
2. Hilary Sojdak PMHNP-BC
3. Julie Kuhns-LCSW
4. Chrisanna Harrington LMHC
5. Jayme Foxworthy-Dejournett R.N.
6. Robin Kimball, LPN
7. Laura Yancey, ARNP
8. Sonya Dodson, Practice Manager
9. Brenda Sluder, Clinic Manager
10. Mary Zahradka, Billing and Front Desk Staff

All are dedicated to providing the most compassionate and skillful care possible. PASWFL is a cutting edge practice that has brought relief from suffering for our patients by harnessing the newest technology and using it in a customized caring way.

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