Your Physical and Mental Safety is Our Top Priority at PASWFL

Depression is a potentially life threatening illness and we are here to continue offering access to care. That being said, we believe it is important to care for our patients in the safest way possible so we have implemented precautions to make sure our practice is as safe as possible for our patients.

  • Our office is still offering the TMS and Ketamine treatments by appointment.
  • Therapy and medication assessment visits are still taking place either in the office or by telepsychiatry. 
  • We have expanded our waiting room so there is a minimum of 6 feet between each chair. If patients would rather wait in their cars for their visits that is fine and we will notify them by text. 
  • As a medical practice, we generally have high standards for cleanliness and sanitization. Still, during this pandemic we have implemented extra precautions to ensure surfaces, treatment rooms and implements are pristine.

We feel that mental health is a vital need that requires treatment and we are doing the best we can to serve our patients.

To inquire about our IV Ketamine infusions, our TMS treatment, our psychiatry appointments or our telepsychiatry services, please call our main office line at: 239-332-4700.