PASWFL has offered telehealth services for years and we pride ourselves on running a modern and technologically advanced practice. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, demand for telehealth appointments sky-rocketed and we were relieved to have had some of the infrastructure already in place.

Our Patients are Loving Virtual Mental Health Appointments

It’s been a couple months since the pandemic first broke out in our area and we’re pleased to report that for the most part our patients are loving the new method of appointment. Some unexpected benefits of offering appointments virtually have emerged and it’s these benefits that make us confident that we’ll continue offering telehealth appointments even after the pandemic dies down.

10 Unexpected Benefits of Telepsychiatry

  1. Telehealth saves both the doctor and the patient time.
  2. Telehealth saves time and prevents stress from driving.
  3. Patients don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home. They can sit in a more comfortable environment which can have a positive impact on how comfortable they feel sharing/speaking with their treatment provider.
  4. Access to other family members for input on the appointment (if necessary) is easier to arrange.
  5. Services can be rendered in full: consultation, diagnosis, prescriptions etc.
  6. Technology allows for smooth appointments and the ability to share information with the technology of screen sharing.
  7. Large monitor sizes allow for body language to be conveyed for a more ‘in-person’ feel.
  8. Easier for the provider to find and review records from previous visits or previous treatments with just the touch of a switch. 
  9. Appointments are not impacted by weather or natural disaster. Hurricanes, excessive heat, severe wind, tourist season, traffic jams, pandemics.
  10. Allows provider to be available for patients when they travel out of our geography or country.

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