genomic testing florida

What is Genomic Testing?

This is a key component of Precision medicine. It allows us to better understand how a patient can best process their medication by looking at specific elements of genes and the elements that they code for.

Why Genomic testing is a Good Development for General Psychiatry:

It allows for more cost effective care as well as better understanding how and why patients react differently to different medications.

How Does PASWFL Use Genomic Testing at Our Practice?

  1. We use Genomic Testing with patients who have been unsuccessfully treated with several medications.
  2. Part of the screening process for Treatment Resistant Patients and where there is thought of using TMS, TBS, or Ketamine.

Here’s What You Should Know about Genomic Testing Prior to Your Appointment

  1. Genomic testing is low cost. Only Medicare covers the cost but most companies prorate the cost based on income.
  2. Genesight and Genomind are two of the leading researchers of genomic testing.
  3. The companies themselves can assist you in understanding the results as an adjunct to what the MD does.

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