Transparent Pricing from PASWFL

PASWFL is committed to honesty, transparency and accountability in every interaction we have with patients. For this reason, we believe in forward-facing pricing for our Breakthrough Psychiatric Treatments which include Transcranial Magentic Stimulation, Theta Burst Stimulation and Ketamine Treatment. Below, you’ll find our general pricing models for TMS, TBS and Ketamine Treatment. If you actively read our blog you’ll know that sometimes a combination of these treatments is the best solution for a patient, in these instances we put together custom quotes based on that patients’ individual needs. If you have further questions about pricing please contact us.

Breakthrough Psychiatric Treatments Pricing Guide

Minutes per Session
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 36 Sessions 19 Minutes per Session $8000 Yes
Theta Burst Stimulation 20 Sessions 188 secs per Session $3250 No
IV Ketamine Infusions 6 Sessions 42 minutes per Session $3750 No

Acceptable Payment Methods

All major credit cards, cash and financing options are available. Call us at +1 239-332-4700 for more info.

Insurance Policy

As provided by individual policies.