Does TMS Work? Here Are Some TMS Reviews.

At PASWFL we often get phone calls from people looking for TMS Reviews from other patients that they can read before deciding if the treatment is right for them. It’s completely understandable that people who are interested in the treatment want to read about other patients success with it. Of course, we protect our patients personal health information as it is completely confidential but we still want to be able to share the tremendous help this treatment has been to many people suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

In Summary: According to the Reviews TMS Works!

Just when many patients with depression are ready to throw-in-the-towel thinking absolutely nothing will relieve their treatment-resistant depression they discover TMS treatment as a powerful and viable option for them. The emotional and personal stories relayed in the transcranial magnetic stimulation reviews below demonstrate how grateful most patients with depression are to have found this promising treatment. Below, you’ll find TMS reviews we have captured from around the web which accurately reflect the kinds of transformations and personal stories that have come through our practice as well. This way, we’re sharing nothing about any of our direct patients but we can offer the anonymous reviews below as good indications of what we experience in our practice everyday. 

Here are some examples of TMS reviews from around the web (names abbreviated):

“I was very anxious and scared about everything; I was constantly dissociating. I was unable to get much of anything accomplished. Facing each day was getting more and more difficult. After completing TMS, I feel much more hopeful and positive. It was a big reprise from the dissociation! I am now able to complete more tasks and my anxiety has decreased dramatically. I got my life back.” –Patient J

“I am a 63 year old woman who has suffered with depression since I was 12 years old until recently when I underwent a course of TMS treatments and came out the other side as a “new me.” The healing that came with the treatments has “changed my life.” Since TMS, my life has become an amazing journey of re-discovering myself. My black-cloud has gone away. I shared about TMS with my sister who had a similar story as mine and TMS worked for her as well. I recommend it for anyone who wants to stop suffering.” – Patient P

“I was very depressed – I had thoughts of not wanting to be here. I was unable to even figure out how to get dressed in the morning; I wore the same clothes over and over again. I was constantly afraid of running into friends or people I knew. I slept half the day and was terrified of being alone. I completed 30 TMS sessions and I now feel more balanced, happy, and productive. I am back to being my gregarious self! My mind and memory are sharper. I’m up by 7:00 am every day and back to leading a happy, productive life!” – Patient V

“We send our profound and heartfelt thanks for the part each of you played in [his] amazing recovery. His debilitating depression is gone! He still has cycles of depression, but they are short in duration and nothing like the deep dark hole he once knew all too well. TMS has made such an enormous positive change in our lives – and we will always be grateful to you.” – Patient A

“Before TMS treatment, I felt worthless, hopeless, and had trouble concentrating on even the smallest task. After completing 30 TMS treatments, I really feel stable and steady. I am enjoying the things I used to and my family is glad to have me as a functioning member again.” – Patient B

“I’ve pretty much had depression since I was a child. My first depressive episode was when I was 35 – I was hospitalized for 30 days. That was when I first began taking antidepressants and it’s been over 20 years that I’ve been on them. And then I just hit a wall – my doctor and I were discussing new options and changing them again. TMS Therapy came along at the perfect time because I started to feel like my options were running out. After about a week and a half I really started to feel different. I felt like I was alive – like the veil had been taken off of my eyes. I want to see people, and don’t want to be by myself like I used to.” – Patient D